You have the power to make prosecutors work for the people they are elected to serve—people like you. Together, we are taking the fight for justice to every prosecutor’s office in the country. The first step is taking action on these campaigns.

Prosecutor Accountability

Tell DA Fani Wilis: Clear the Backlog

Conditions at the Fulton County Jail are still a humanitarian crisis. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis can change the tragic conditions.

Justice Reform

Tell Your State Rep: Stand with Progressive Prosecutors

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Monique H. Worrell, state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, because she was implementing policies that would reduce arrest and incarceration rates and ultimately benefit our communities.

Human Rights

Tell Your DA #AbortionIsHealthcare

By demanding prosecutors use their discretion to keep law enforcement out of health decisions, we can make it just a little bit safer for pregnant people caught in this widespread attack on reproductive freedom.


Communities are rising up across the country to force their prosecutors to change their practices.

Prosecutors have more power than anyone else in the system to end mass incarceration and police violence. We are making sure they use their power to do what’s right.

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