We are turning stories of pain into stories of power.

These are just a few stories about people like you. They are people who stepped up. Now, they are leading major change in the criminal justice system across the country. These community leaders are channeling their pain, disappointment and outrage into something tangible—the prosecutor accountability movement. Read these stories to learn about their successes.  

Collage of black homicides.

Movement Impact

  1. The People vs. The Criminalization of Pregnancy

    With Louisana voters poised to approve a cruel abortion ban, advocates took action to demand that candidates for the New Orleans district attorney protect the freedom and dignity of all pregnant people.

  2. St. Louis, Missouri

    In 2018, organizers for prosecutor accountability achieved an incredible win that would not only change the course of St. Louis County history but also alter the landscape of criminal justice throughout the county for years to come.

  3. San Francisco, California

    In 2019, Chesa Boudin swept the race for San Francisco District Attorney after campaigning on a platform of reform and decarceration.

  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    After Philadelphians elected District Attorney Larry Krasner to be their new district attorney in 2016, communities wanted to make sure their high hopes for his tenure would not be wasted, leading to the disappointment they had faced with so many others. Soon after Krasner’s election, the local coalition held a rally outside his office to demand that he implement an aggressive reform agenda within his first 100 days.

  5. Dallas, Texas

    Activists in Dallas recently exposed their prosecutor, Faith Johnson, for taking money from the for-profit bail industry. Now, communities are demanding that she return her corporate money, take the side of the people—not profits—and use the power of her office to finally end money bail.

  6. Chicago, Illinois

    In 2016, the people of Chicago united to hold State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez accountable. The new prosecutor, Kim Foxx, vowed reform. The people are making sure she follows through. In a city like Chicago, with a police force that has killed more Black people than almost any other police department, it is critical for community members to help ensure Foxx will deliver on the promises she has made.

  7. Orlando, Florida

    In 2016, running on a reform platform, Aramis Ayala become the first Black State’s Attorney in Florida, and the first woman to hold that position in Florida’s ninth circuit court district, which includes Orlando.

  8. Greenville, North Carolina

    Organizers and community members created a public outcry against their prosecutor, Kimberly Robb, as part of a strategy to win the release of Dontae Sharpe, who has been falsely convicted of murder.

  9. New York, New York

    Activists recently forced both Manhattan and Brooklyn prosecutors, Cyrus Vance and Eric Gonzalez, to announce in January, 2018 that they would be ending the use of money bail for most misdemeanors, including jumping subway turnstile and minor drug possession.