District Attorney Coalitions

Prosecutors are the most powerful single actors in the criminal justice system. Now more than ever, it’s critical we are engaged and ready to take action to hold them accountable. 

Color Of Change works with people in local communities in cities and towns across the nation who are actively challenging prosecutorial practices. Here are the platforms and demands of three communities that are working to hold their newly elected prosecutors accountable. 

 Broward County, Florida
 New Orleans, Lousiana

Since the inception of their role in the American criminal legal system, prosecutors have mirrored, reproduced, and expanded a system of justice rooted in white supremacy and the criminalization of poverty. 

Today, this manifests all too clearly in routine patterns of systemic racism through disparate charges and sentences for Black & Brown people. It is time for a new vision of criminal justice. That new vision must be founded in pragmatic and achievable goals, the recommendations for which, outlined here: Roadmap for Reform Prosecutors.